Is Divorce the Answer?

All relationships have their own unique challenges, but some may become so problematic that one or both partners start to look for a way out. Divorce is often regarded as the final solution to marriage woes, but is it really the only answer? Many marriage counselors don’t think so. If you or your spouse are considering divorce, here are a few things to think about before making such a major decision.

Before Deciding to Divorce

Review Family Dynamics

Families are permanently impacted by divorce, with children bearing the brunt of the impact. Although divorce is not a pleasant experience for anyone involved, children have a particularly hard time understanding why their parents no longer want to be together. Behavioral and emotional issues are not uncommon for children to face after their parents become divorced. These issues can be long-lasting and affect the child’s emotional development.

Tackle Abuse Issues

If either spouse is subjected to any type of abuse in the relationship, divorce may in fact be the only answer. In this type of situation, the abused spouse should feel no obligation to continue living with the abusive partner and should not feel bound by marriage vows. Protecting oneself and children from physical, mental or emotional harm is more important than remaining committed to a dysfunctional marriage.

Seek a Marriage Counselor

Although marriage is often portrayed as a “happily ever after” scenario in movies and music, it usually isn’t so. Successful marriages require effort, understanding, and forgiveness. If your marriage is currently on the rocks, you may want to see a marriage counselor instead of a divorce lawyer. Many relationship issues can be worked out by talking with an experienced professional who can see both sides from an unbiased point of view.

First, Consider Your Options

In many situations, couples are surprised to discover how many issues can be rectified through counseling. In other circumstances, divorce may be the only answer to serious marriage problems. If you think divorce is imminent in your future, getting help or advice now will give you an emotional advantage.